Uses of Chromatography in Everyday Life

For those not initiated from the World of the sciences, the term chromatography may not ring many bells. But in actuality, the procedure is one that impacts our daily lives in an assortment of ways. Used to split out a chemical into its various elements, chromatography plays a role in the realms of forensics, food regulation, athlete testing and even quality management in our favourite alcoholic beverages. Here are some of the more Everyday uses of chromatography which may surprise you.

Forensic Testing

In real life, gas chromatography is often utilised to investigate criminal cases such as the ones featured on these shows. This can take the form of crime Scene testing the analysis of blood or fabric samples, arson confirmation identifying the compounds in charge of a fire to find out if there was foul play or blood testing after death to determine levels of alcohol, drugs or poisonous substances in the body. Naturally, not all blood samples are taken after death. The precision and accuracy with which chromatography can identify substances in the blood allow it to be valuable in testing for doping or performance enhancing drugs in athletes, too. Interestingly, the news narrative, doping tests work on Horses, reveals how a new hybrid form of liquid what is chromatography combined with mass spectrometry are also applied to our equine friends.

Chromatography Column

Horsemeat Scandal

Speaking of horses, the scandal Of 2013 emphasized the fact that some disreputable meat sellers were substituting beef patties with horsemeat. Since traditional procedures of meat detection and analysis was shown to be inconclusive, chromatography came riding in on a white. You get the idea. The inefficacy of present methods and how chromatography shifted all of that. It is not just food that chromatography is useful in analysing. If you have ever reached the end of the evening and decided to sign off in style with a round of Jägermeister’s, you might have wondered how the producers of the smooth liqueur keep their quality levels.

However, the owners of Jägermeister take their brand very seriously, rigorously monitoring the amount of sugar that enter the finished product. With no margin for error, chromatography is once more called on to ensure top quality in each bottle and you have a night to remember or forget. As well as specialising in more Flippant matters like the caliber of alcohol, chromatography might also be crucial in saving countless lives. The deadly Ebola virus, which has claimed over 5,000 lives since its outbreak late last year, has caused panic in the media and in the countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, to which it was largely confined.